VM 2020


Mail info 2. JUNI 2020 - WMC er AVLYST!

Dear friends, dear competitors,

after careful consideration and consultation with many of you, as well as with CIMA, we have decided to postpone the WMC in Czech Republic to 2021. 

Hosín, Czech Republic 6th–15th  August 2020

Training, registration:  6 th – 8 th August 2020
Opening Ceremony:  8 th August 2020
First Competition briefing:   8 th August 2020
Contest Flying Days   9 th – 14 th August 2020
Closing Ceremony, Prize-giving   15 th August 2020


Bli med som supporter på turen?

Tasks & Planes


- Navigation tasks over interesting and historical places

- Cross country tasks to other airports

- Fuel economy tasks with respect for safety

- Precision tasks without dangerous elements

- Tasks that tell a story


- 600 Kg MTOW

- Insurance 750 K SDR

- No gyro equipment

- Sealing or uninstalling radios

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Hosin LKHS

1st International Microlight flying navigation camp

Microlight flying navigation camp

  • 3rd – 5th August 2020 at Hosin Airfield
  • Registration at www.wmc2020.net
  • Fees:  Free for participants of World Microlight Championship
  • 50 EUR/1 per. for non-registered participants
  •  Content of camp: 
    • Theory and practise of flying navigation competition 
    •   Preparation of tasks and competition
    • Scoring and software for scoring and preparation     of map

More information will be at www.wmc2020.net

Navigation camp -Why we do that?

Why we do that?

  • To bring more competitors to the contest
  • To help countries and pilots who don‘t have any national competitions in their country to try something new
  • To bring back big international competitions
  • To pass our know-how onto others
  • To bring new and young people to the competition flying
  • To promote competition flying

And if you come earlier?

Petr Tucek Navigation Cup 2020

  • 1st August 2020 at Hosin Airfield
  • One round out of ten of the Czech open flying navigation cup
  • Composed of one Navigation task combined with one Precision landing
  • Registration at ppt.laacr.cz, entry fee 150 CZK (about 6 EUR)

Entry fee covers: maps, task description, setting up and evaluating the task, GNSS loggers for competition, lunch, free use of the airport

Hosin LKHS

Organising Team

,, We won‘t do just a competition for our flying friends… We want to make a pleasant event with friendly atmosphere and with flying over the rich countryside! Don‘t let your family members and partners at home, bring them along and make a nice holiday full of experiences in one of the best places in Czech Republic.‘‘

WMC2020 organising team